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Black Brushed Wood Tungsten Ring (8mm)


The Black Brushed Wood Tungsten Ring (8mm) by Mens Rings Australia is a gorgeous design that expertly fuses the organic beauty of wood with the contemporary strength of tungsten. This ring radiates modernism and elegance with its wide 8mm band and smooth black brushed finish. A warm, organic quality to the rich wood inlay, the design’s central feature, contrasts well with the tungsten’s cold, industrial look. This combination creates a striking and unique style for those who enjoy a balance of modern strength and organic grace in their accessories.

The Black Brushed Wood Tungsten Ring (8mm) was created with comfort and design in mind. It fits comfortably because of its smooth inner curvature, which makes it perfect for daily usage. Wearing this ring in formal or informal situations is made possible by its adaptable design. It also makes a distinctive wedding band or a bold fashion statement when worn. To guarantee that the ring lasts a very long time and keeps its gorgeous beauty, tungsten is used to give it outstanding toughness and scratch resistance. This ring is a fantastic choice for today’s wearer who values both style and longevity in their jewellery.

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Tungsten Rings by MRA

While talking about wedding bands made of other metals, terms such as “tungsten” and “tungsten carbide” are sometimes used identically. However, being aware of these little variations might aid in making an informed decision.

A Brief Explanation Of the Two Elements

Hardness and durability are exceptional for a pure metallic element like tungsten. It is not as good for solo usage in ring applications, nevertheless, because of its intrinsic brittleness. Because of its increased durability and scratch resistance, pure tungsten is now an ideal material for rings, particularly wedding rings that are intended to be worn forever.

Is Choosing Tungsten Bands a Good Idea?

Given its well-known durability in the jewellery industry, tungsten carbide is a particularly well-liked material for creating a wide variety of ring shapes. Withstanding the test of time, wedding rings and other accessories are certain to look beautiful for many years to come because of this durable material. 

Yet, tungsten carbide’s adaptability goes beyond its particular characteristics. Craftspeople may create a wide range of unique alloy combinations that suit a variety of tastes and preferences in the field of ring creation by combining tungsten with other metals such as gold, silver, titanium, and even tungsten itself. 

A highly soft metal would be pure gold. An all-gold ring weighing 24 carats would rapidly tarnish or lose its shape due to normal wear and tear. Jewellery usually has a maximum gold content of 22 carats as a result. The alloys used to produce gold ring are made useful by adding an additional element.

Tungsten carbide is a single-metal alloy containing tungsten. Wearing tungsten rings requires combining it with another material. It is because tungsten is so hard.

Sensitive Skin? That’s Right-Tungsten Rings Australia!

Being sensitive to nickel is a common metal; thus, many people are curious as to whether an alloy containing nickel may trigger an allergic reaction. This little quantity of nickel or any other element in the alloy makes the ring hypoallergenic; even on delicate skin, it will not trigger an allergic reaction.

Pure tungsten is a chemical element that is very hard. It’s a pure element, unbreakable by chemicals, just like oxygen or aluminium. “W” in the periodic table designates tungsten, another name for tungsten, an earth element that occurs naturally.

Fun Fact About Tungsten 

Above 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit is the melting point of tungsten. Tungsten would melt last in a massive pot if one piece of every metal in the world was added.

The name tungsten means heavy stone, and if you feel a tungsten ring on your hand, you will see why! Tungsten is surprisingly heavy. It has a high-quality feel, and many men and women prefer it over other materials due to that fact.

Tungsten is a common material for wedding bands and is also used to create the filaments for light bulbs. Welding and x-rays are two other industrial uses for it.

Tungsten does not react with other common materials, making it perfect for a wedding ring. It won’t rust if you get it wet, and there’s no problem keeping it on while you cook, bake, clean, and just about anything else you can think of. However, if you’re working with fluoride in your supervillain lab, be sure to take off your tungsten ring first.

Tungsten is a brittle material. Which is also one of the reasons why it is so loved by millions of couples, and many have matching tungsten couple wedding ring sets as a result. If a tungsten ring needs to be removed in an emergency, it can break, crack, or be removed. The emergency department will be able to do this quickly.

Why Choose Us? 

Mens Rings Australia offers all the classic tungsten wedding ring options such as 18k Gold High Polished Tungsten Ring, Black 7 Diamonds Tungsten Ring, and Black Blue Diamonds Tungsten Ring you expect from a jeweller specialising in contemporary metals. We also have many unique men’s wedding band styles in bold and exciting options.

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